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Art Exhibition 2022  

To celebrate Trans Awareness Week, we are planning an art exhibition to be held in Yarra (Fitzroy, Collingwood and surrounds) organised by and for our community. 

Exhibition theme 

Trans Joy - it can be about being seen and recognised for who you are, on your own terms. It can also about seeing yourself reflected back, through art, media, and community.  This Trans Awareness Week, we want to give our community the opportunity to celebrate and be visible in whatever way you want. We are developing a theme for the exhibition around the Joy of Being Seen and encourage all artists (from very amateur through to professional) to consider submitting work. 

Think about the first time you heard your preferred name be used, or when you hear your pronouns used. How do you feel? What does it mean to you to be seen?  Or maybe you might think of a piece of clothing that made you feel right within yourself - or perhaps your binder, or ways that your body reflects your identity.  Maybe it's about seeing yourself - catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and truly recognising your reflection. Or it could be about seeing yourself reflected in others - a YouTuber you admire, a community leader, the first time you met another trans person.