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FTM Shed Inc. is the incorporated association that supports The Shed and keeps it running. We are a not for profit organisation, and we rely on our members to support us where they can.
We don't receive any other funding. 


You don't have to pay a membership to come to The Shed meetings, but if you are able to,
please show your support by being a member. 

Members are able to be involved in running the association, attending committee meetings,
planning regular meetings and attending and voting at the AGM. It is a great way to make a difference and get to know people. It's a team effort to keep The Shed running, and it's so rewarding to be involved.

Find out more about volunteering.

Explore membership options 

Memberships are for trans masculine people, including people who are non-binary and those
who are questioning or exploring their gender. 

If you'd like to support us as a cisgender ally, the best way is to
make a donation to The Shed.


1 year membership to The Shed

Non-voting members do not have to attend the AGM

✔ Support The Shed 
✘ Vote for committee at the AGM
✘ Nominate or stand for election 

✔ Volunteer to help organise (optional)



1 year membership to The Shed

Voting members must attend the AGM

✔ Support The Shed 
✔ Vote for committee at the AGM
✔ Nominate or stand for election 
✔ Volunteer to help organise (optional)


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