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Surgery info & support

Top surgery information 

Surgeon Andy Ives spoke at a Shed meeting about top surgery in November 2016. He answered a lot of common questions people have about surgery, preparation, recovery and more.  Thanks to our members for these edited videos of Andy's talk. 

trans paint strokes 2 - 3000 pixels 72dpi.png
nonbinary paint strokes - 1920pixels 72dpi.png
trans paint strokes - 1920pixels 72dpi.png
nonbinary paint strokes - 3000pixels 72dpi.png

Time Stamps for 
Surgery Talk w: Andy Ives

Is there an upper size limit? 0:32
What is 'heavy' lifting? 2:06
Advice for support/carers after surgery 2:53
Rules about being on testosterone and surgery 3:41
Does massaging help scars? 4:16
Can you fix tethered scars? 5:36
What are the potential complications? 5:57
Revisions? 8:05
When should the first consultation be? 9:06

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