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Code of conduct  

Use normal social behaviour 

We are a support group run by volunteers from our community. Be as respectful here as you would
in any public place or work place.  The general rule is, if you wouldn't do it at work, don't do it here.

Using pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, etc)

Try to address others with the pronouns they use. If in doubt, ask them.
If you make a mistake, correct yourself and move on. 

Differences of opinion

The trans community is very diverse, and we all hold different viewpoints and opinions. Everyone may speak as long as they do not hurt others with the way they represent their views. You may not agree with or like everything shared here, so take away what works for you. When sharing your experience or thoughts
say “this is what I did or what works for me”.  Our discussions are not debates or battles to be won,
just conversations.  We want to support everyone to have space to speak, so we ask that
everyone gives others the chance to share their thoughts equally.  

Disclosure and privacy

Not everyone is “out” to the general world. We ask that what is said in the Shed meetings, activities
and facebook group stays there so that people feel safe to share in our spaces.
There is no recording allowed, and no screenshots are allowed. 

Contact details and personal information 

Social networking is an easy way to contact people you have recently met.
Instead of asking for another person's details, share yours first. Be mindful that not everyone is "out". 

Have fun, and if you need any help, talk to a committee member. 


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