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Artist List

Here you can find the information of the EUPHORIA artists, go follow their socials, check out their work, and show them some love!

Artists are listed in alphabetical order based on first name. 

Antimony Deor 

Just your average northsider: introverted nonbinary leftist nonmonogamous cat-owning vegan who recently escaped academia to start an exciting new career in wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

Antony Westlin - @natesface

Ash Giblin - @trashthebinary

I am a photographer creating my work on Wurundjeri land. My work contains elements of intimacy and queerness, based on my own life experiences. I enjoy taking photos of people, specifically involving the beauty of queer and trans bodies. I take inspiration from fine art photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Ren Hang.

Beau Quilty - @thecaffeinebee

Beau Quilty is a non-binary writer and poet currently based in Sydney, Australia. They also write under the name Isabelle Quilty with their work focused on environmentalism, combating racism and sexism and providing representation for marginalised people in fiction. Their poetic prose seeks to illustrate the non-binary experience.

CJ Starc - @genrenonmerci

CJ is a queer trans non-binary artist whose artworks focus on organic shapes and textures. He uses mostly second-hand materials to depict nature and abstracted depictions of the body. They aim to challenge our perceptions of bodies, in a cis-heteronormative patriarchal world. CJ graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Gender Studies and French at the University of Melbourne. He lives and creates on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country.

Elija Montgomery- @elijatude

Elija Montgomery is a queer fellow, in all the ways a fellow can be queer. In his creative practice, he mostly works with textiles, but sometimes forays into sculpture, photography, print making, and baking. Aside from queer clothing design, Elija's main focus is monster making, including soft toys and puppets. Find him @elijatude on Instagram/Facebook.

Elliot Ezra Burgess - @eezrabart

I am a neurodivergent trans non-binary artist that discovered a passion for painting only recently. I paint abstract, using acrylics on canvas, as a way to express and release the feelings and emotions that I have trouble understanding and processing inside of my mind.

Em Constance - @emconstance_

Hi, I’m Em [they/them]! I’m a designer, illustrator, and big big music fan currently living in Naarm [Melbourne]. I like to design all sorts of things, but am especially into analogue processes [eg. printmaking], illustration, and anything connected to the music industry or my local community.

Harli Vi - Harli Vi Art

Hello, I am Harli. I am currently homeless with multiple disabilities and discovering more about myself every day. My art is my safe space and the first time I ever shared my true name was with an online art community on Facebook called Art of Flow At Home, run by the beautiful Gabbi Lancaster. Through their unwavering love and unconditional support I was able to learn how to speak again, to find my voice as a queer, disabled artist who had suffered abuse and trauma over their lifetime. I found myself through art. Ultimately, I hope my art will help me help other homeless people, fellow LGBTQIA+ humans and those suffering with disabilities of all kinds, as well as help me physically transition and find a travelling home where I can continue to create in a safe space full of love and colour.

Ivan Jeldres - @its_an_eye_van

"Just a lil' guy who likes drawing things" is the sentence Ivan (they/them) uses to describe themselves. A Naarm based illustrator with a longstanding love and passion for creating art, Ivan is driven largely by the joy their illustrations bring others. Ivan's art spans across many mediums including paint and watercolour, lino, drawing and digital art, with their work recognisable by the strong use of bold shapes and colours.

Jess Dandelion - @jess.dandelion

Jess is a queer, disabled multimodal artist and poet living in Merri-bek. Jess is studying Art Therapy and works as a Peer Worker and Arts Facilitator. These works are a celebration of trans love - between lovers, within community and the love that can be fostered for self through living authentically.

Jesse Bisset - @wolvesinthethronewomb

Lewin Wild - @lewin_wild

I was born to artist parents in Whadjuk Boodja in Fremantle, Western Australia. I got to study art at Applecross SHS, illustration at Curtin Uni, and now I’m stoked to be a tattoo apprentice at Berserk Tattoos here on Wurundjeri Country. It’s been fun stepping out of tattoo world for this and I hope you enjoy it.

Luke Taylor - @the_luca_canvases

Noah Dao -

Born and raised in a small Vietnam town. Noah is a trans-identified illustrator who draws inspiration from queer identities, emotions, and warm bright colours. His works celebrate queer love and identities through the perspective of a first generation immigrant.

Quinn Strange - @coffinwingsart

Quinn Strange is a self taught artist whose skills began to crystalise during the 2020-21 Melbourne lockdowns. As an emerging artists, his work explores many mediums and styles, but revolves mostly around contemporary realism in acrylics, oils, or charcoal. He is inspired by bodies, colours, nightmares, fantasies, trauma, dreams, anger, butterflies, the decomposition process, the relationship between sexuality and death, and hands, all filtered through the lens of multiple neurodivergencies and the sense of hypernormality they experience on a daily basis. In his words, "I make art because I have always been disappointed in reality."

Sam Elkin -

Sam Elkin is a writer and radio maker. His essays have been published in the Griffith Review, Kill Your Darlings and the Sydney Review of Books, and he is the co-host of Triple R's Queer View Mirror.

Savaad Felich

Savaad has been a practicing artist for many years primarily in sculpture. During the restrictions and long lockdowns during Covid in Victoria, Savaad experimented with abstract collage utilising new and secondhand fashion magazines. Initially a majority of these collages were sacrificial musings until a linear and vertical process emerged. The body of work centred around gender non-conformity and conditioning which pervades from birth. Often this preconceived conditioning is unquestioned until a voice speaks.


Tasman is a trans community organiser who believes in the power of art to change the world. He immerses himself in a wide variety of mediums but his proudest creation is his volunteer work for the trans community, including organising the EUPHORIA exhibition, and his role as vice president for The Shed, Melbourne's trans masc peer support group. 


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