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Online meeting access 

Our online meetings are held on Zoom. We have enabled the closed captions feature on Zoom so you will be able to use captions - you will need to enable closed captions as a participant in order to view them. 

You can also use the chat feature in our zoom meetings. 

Zoom instructions for enabling closed captions 

Regular in-person meetings 

Our regular peer support meeting space has ramp access as well as steps with a railing.  The front doors are sliding and are wide enough for a wheelchair or walker to enter easily.  The room we meet in is on the ground floor with no steps or lips to access the room. 

If you need to step out for any reason, there's a small side room you can use, or you can go out the front of the building. 

If you need interpreting (AUSLAN or language interpreting), or a support worker, you are welcome to bring them along - just let us know if you need anything from us to support you in this. 

We strongly encourage mask-wearing at our events, however, we understand this is not possible for everyone.


Toilets and facilities 

All toilets in the building are on the ground floor with step-free access.  They are all gender neutral, and there are two accessible stalls. 

Meetings at other venues 

If we are meeting anywhere other than our regular venue, we always consider accessibility as a requirement when booking venues.  Because each venue has different accessibility features, please let us know if you need any venue information that we haven't included in the event details online. 

What to expect at our meetings

Find out more about what to expect at a Shed meeting for detailed information about how we run our sessions. 

Got a question that's not covered?

Contact us to let us know your access needs so we can support your participation. 

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