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Free post-op binders  

Our post-op binders are for anyone who is having top surgery - no other requirements. An extra binder is handy during recovery so you can wash one and wear the other! 


You can ask for a post-op binder through us if you: 

  • Have a date booked for top surgery 

  • Live anywhere in Australia 

After you apply

Once we’ve got your details, we’ll send you a tracking link as soon as it’s in the post. 

We ask that you cover the $9 cost of postage if you’re able to, by donating on our website or sending us a bank transfer. This is optional but really helps us stay sustainable and keep supporting folk in our community. 


After your recovery

When you’ve recovered from surgery, we’d love it if you would consider donating any unneeded binders back to our programme! We’ve got a long waiting list and we will find a home for any binders you can donate back. 


We just ask that they’re in a wearable condition and you give them a wash before you post them. 


You can send them to: 

The Shed

100 Drummond St 

Carlton VIC 3053 

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