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Binders for under 18s

We want to be sure that everyone who gets a binder through our programme has support in place to help them be safe with their binding.  For young people under 18, this means a parent or legal guardian must apply on your behalf. 

If you have a parent or carer who can apply for you

You can ask your responsible adult to submit our application form on your behalf, being sure to include their email address as the contact email.  We will follow up directly with them to make sure they have enough information to help you bind safely. 

If you don’t have a parent or carer who can apply for you at the moment

We're sorry we can't send you a binder until you're over 18, or able to apply through your parent. 


We recommend you get in touch with a youth organisation who can help support you to have those conversations with the adults in your life.  These organisations may also help young people get a binder - if you contact them directly they can give you their most up-to-date information.


Check out Headspace or Minus18 for more support: 

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