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Trans Day of Remembrance 

Join us in celebrating trans resilience with spoken word and performance. 

Our free community event will be held on Sat, 20 November 2021 from 3:30pm to 5pm over Zoom. All trans and gender diverse folks, and allies are invited to attend. Dial-in details will be shared on the day to registered attendees, please register on Eventbrite. 

About the event

Hear stories & histories to connect our lives with the lives of those lost. Together we stand against transphobic violence.

This remembrance is an act of naming our community. It connects our lives with the lives of those lost. And connecting like this is also a political act.

This day began in response to the death of African American woman, Rita Hester on November 28, 1998. It grew out of a spontaneous community protest - outrage at the systemic violence against trans people, particularly those marginalised by histories of colonisation and capitalism.


Our presenters will share their personal stories and our collective histories. These open us to pain, loss and grief. They also show us gender diverse folk responding with strength, resistance and community care. 

We invite you to let their words in; to deepen our mutual understanding and compassion; to build our resilience and solidarity.

The event will be MCed by Mx Munro (she/hers or they/them), an emerging singer, performance artist and theatre-maker.

Two of our feature presenters are:

Asiel Adan Sanchez: an organic, gluten-free, vegan, single origin, ethically sourced gender fluid. Born and raised in Mexico, their work is an attempt to reconcile culture, race, gender and sexuality.

Beau Quilty: a non-binary writer from NSW who mostly writes about LGBTQ topics and about life as a person of colour.

Please join us in this collective remembrance and celebration of our community.

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