Voting membership (annual)

Voting membership (annual)


This membership is for people who would like to vote for the committee, or stand for election at our AGM in February.  Voting memberships open for sign-up and renewal just before our AGM. 


If you want to support us but don't want to vote, check out the Non voting Membership


FTM Shed Inc. is the incorporated association that supports The Shed and keeps it running. We are a not for profit organisation, and we rely on our members to support us where they can. We don't receive any other funding. 


Full membership includes the right to nominate and vote for the commitee at our AGM.  To finalise your membership, you’ll need to email us with your name, address and phone number


This is because we’re an incorporated organisation and the law says we have to hold this information on our members.  We never share this information with anyone, our member list is kept secure and private. If you’re not comfortable with giving your details, don’t worry - if we don’t hear from you, we’ll treat your membership purchase as a donation and you can stay anonymous. 

Members are able to be involved in running the association, attending committee meetings, planning regular meetings and attending the AGM. It is a great way to make a difference and get to know people. It's a team effort to keep The Shed running, and it's so rewarding to be involved. Let us know if you would like to come along to the committee and help support our group. 


Thank you for your support!

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